Backbone Tutorials


triggerobject.trigger(event, [*args])

Set off callbacks for the given occasion, or space-delimited record of events.
Subsequent arguments to trigger shall be handed alongside to the
occasion callbacks.

onceobject.once(event, callback, [context])

Identical to on, however causes the bound callback to fireside
solely once earlier than being eliminated. Helpful for saying “the following time that X occurs, do this”.
When a number of events are handed in utilizing the house separated syntax, the occasion will hearth once
for each occasion you handed in, not once for a mix of all events

listenToobject.listenTo(other, event, callback)

Inform an object to take heed to a specific occasion on an different
object. The benefit of utilizing this type, as an alternative of different.on(event,
callback, object)
, is that listenTo permits the object
to maintain observe of the events, and they are often eliminated all at once later
on. The callback will all the time be referred to as with object as

view.listenTo(model, 'change', view.render);