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Backbone.js is a JavaScript library with a RESTful JSON interface and relies on the Model–view–presenter (MVP) application design paradigm. Backbone is thought for being light-weight, as its solely arduous dependency is on one JavaScript library, Underscore.js, plus jQuery to be used of the complete library. It’s designed for growing single-page web purposes, and for maintaining varied elements of web purposes (e.g. a number of shoppers and the server) synchronized. Backbone was created by Jeremy Ashkenas, who can also be recognized for CoffeeScript and Underscore.js.

When dealing with the DOM Backbone.js adopts an crucial programming model, in distinction with a declarative programming model (widespread in AngularJS utilizing data-attributes).

Making an attempt to supply “the minimal set of data-structuring (models and collections) and consumer interface (views and URLs)”, leaves to the developer the selection of extensions for enhanced performance. For instance, one can use nested views with Backbone Format Supervisor or model-view binding with ReSTbasis.